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At the Metro National Conference we introduced a special resource titled the San Antonio Case Study Video. It begins to address one of the most critical issues we face in the Metro Mission: What do we need to do to significantly increase our grass roots fruitfulness? The video is an interview with Doug and Betty Benshoof and a handful of people in their ministry that saw over 125 family members and friends come to Christ over an eight year period. The video follows the flow of the gospel from person to person through families and relational networks. I recommend taking the 30 minutes now to view the video and then plan to use this resource in your ministry in the near future. We have prepared a discussion guide to help you stimulate meaningful conversation. The video and discussion guide are divided into two sessions. Part I (12 minutes) helps you to get to know the people being interviewed. Part II (about 18 minutes) gives you ideas that will help you break through to greater fruitfulness and the flow of the Gospel from person to person.

Part 1: Getting to know the people

  1. What kind of people did God use to cause this breakthrough to fruitfulness?
  2. Why do you think God used these people in such a powerful way?
  3. What else stood out to you?

Part II: Breakthrough to fruitfulness and the flow of the Gospel

  1. What steps or actions of intentionality did you observe?
  2. What did you observe about unbelievers HEARING, SEEING, and BEING TOUCHED by the Gospel?
  3. How did family and relational networks contribute to the flow of the Gospel?
  4. What indicators of a Gospel movement did you identify?
    • The power of God
    • The spreading Gospel
    • Simplicity
    • Insiders
    • Spontaneity
    • Group multiplication
    • Leadership
  5. What role do you think coaching played in the success of this Gospel movement?
  6. When you think about your own context, what may be hindering a breakthrough to greater fruitfulness and the flow of the Gospel from person to person?
  7. What steps will you take toward a breakthrough to greater fruitfulness and the flow of the Gospel from person to person?

Download the Whole Video

To download, right click (control-click on a Mac) on the link above and choose "save file as". The video is 320 MB so the download may take a while depending on your internet connection.

Download the Discussion Guide

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