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Be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated from stories around the country of like-minded friends who are also ministering and reaching out. If you would like to submit your own story – please send us an email.

Metro staff in Compton, CA work with Metro Community Development Corp (Metro CDC). Their mission is to be a part of God's work, employing whole-life discipleship, asset-based community development, and "business as mission" (to empower individuals, build families, and strengthen neighborhoods.) Here is just one story of how this is working.

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Just over five years ago, God called me to serve Him in Highland Park (a small city inside of Detroit). Our country has its own opinion of Detroit. And while many of the outside opinions are true, I have seen something much more beautiful in a city the rest of the country has all but given up on. In the midst of financial poverty and brokenness, God is working. I have met some of the most amazing people in my community and it is a privilege to serve with and for them. The Gospel is just as powerful here as anywhere else!
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We love this city that God has called us to. The media is full of 'bad news' about the Motor City, and there are plenty of significant challenges. How different the evening news portrayal would be if they only new how THE 'Good News' of Christ and His Kingdom are at work here!
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It was a cold Saturday morning and only a few turned out. We met in an empty parking lot in the middle of one of the highest crime neighborhoods in Virginia. The believers that gathered were from an intercity church and Regent University. We met to walk and pray for that particular community.
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Three years ago, I met Daquan (not his real name) at the park. A friend and I were teaching basketball skills and running drills. I invited him and his best friend to join us. My immediate impression was that Daquan was shy but also very attentive. He became a member of our Walltown Wildcats basketball team, but usually stayed off to the side and didn't fully participate.
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Kerry-Ann works in partnership with our Nav ministry in the Tidewater Metro area of Virginia through her church. She works with the Urban Discovery ministry by helping people get their GED, helping girls with their self esteem, helping single moms become better mothers and value their children and, most of all, helping people learn about God and knowing Him better.
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Music impacts many lifestyle choices for our youth including clothing trends, product purchases, and even their belief systems. The week of April 16th – 23rd 2009, eleven Americans were killed in the nation of Iraq, while in the city of Chicago, over the weekend alone, 32 were shot and 2 stabbed, leaving 7 dead. Twenty were shot in less than 24 hours. On April 23, 5 more were killed in a South Side shooting. That's twelve killed in this U.S. city over the same period. Music is not the only culprit, but it often promotes rebellious thoughts and violent activity.
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This year has seen two "firsts" for Urban Hope's teenage leaders. In October, our team took seven high school students from the Young Leaders Group hiking, rappelling and tent camping at Hanging Rock State Park. It was the first time any of the "city kids" spent the night in the woods. There was a lot of anxiety about snakes, bears and sleeping on the ground but everyone had a lot of fun and the guys were energized by the physical challenge. They want to do it again!
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Here is a story about Jeff Dennis and his friend Tammy in West Chicago. 
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Watch a video story from Chicago
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