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Be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated from stories around the country of like-minded friends who are also ministering and reaching out. If you would like to submit your own story – please send us an email.

I almost forgot about the stale, sweaty air and the closed-in feeling of the tiny lounge in the middle of the first floor of an apartment building. Mary, Martha, and I had just taken turns reading Luke 7:36-50 about Jesus who was having dinner at the home of Simon, the Pharisee. We were imagining what it would have been like to have been invited to dinner as Simon’s guest.
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Every month at Faith@Work, I stand in front of up to 150 Albuquerque businesswomen and <strong>I challenge them to consider how they might take Jesus to work with them.</strong> I introduce them to women who are finding creative ways to live out their faith in their workplaces, and we hear their stories.
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Here is a story from Karen Warin in Albuquerque. Karen works with business women through Faith@Work.
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Here is a story from Denell Bundt in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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